September 14 to October 10 

We look forward to welcoming you in 2017.

Over the rainbow … 

Cees and Johanna Tesselaar left Holland in 1939, on their wedding day, to come to the land of Oz, this was the same year The Wizard of Oz was released. We thought it would be a bit of fun to combine the two. So you can follow your heart’s true desire, wish upon a star and celebrate where skies are blue and dreams really do come true! While there was a field of poppies in the movie, we think a field of tulips is much prettier, and less poisonous! So why not put on your ruby slippers and get ready for a day of fun and adventure, you could gather together family and friends to come with you, because as they say in The Wizard of Oz … “happiness is the best thing in the world”.


The 64th Tesselaar Tulip Festival is a celebration of colour, with a fabulous floral display, it is indeed ‘Over the Rainbow’. Visitors will be amazed by the beauty of almost a million Tulips across 25 acres of Australian farmland, all set in the picturesque Dandenong Ranges. In 2017 we have planted more tulips than ever before, including over 130 varieties. There is something for everyone here, from children to grandparents and everyone in between!

The Tulips are undoubtedly the stars of the show but you will discover so much more at the Tesselaar Tulip Festival, with live entertainment, market stalls and tempting foods on offer every day. The spectacular Tesselaar Tulip Festival is close to Melbourne, amid the enchanted forests of the Dandenong Ranges, in the town of Silvan.

Tesselaar Tulip Festival
9am until 5pm daily
14th September until 10th October, 2017
The Tulip Farm, 357 Monbulk Rd, Silvan, Victoria

This years tulip festival