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Our tulips are late this year! 

Despite starting the festival a week later, the unusually cold start to spring has delayed the flowering of the tulips even further. But don’t despair, once we get a few warm days, it won’t be long until they are all in full bloom, and we have extended the show to give you an opportunity to see them at their best.

Spring is almost here!

There is more and more colour every day and the sunshine is making a real difference, but we still want more colour, so we have decided to extend our offer.

All visitors on and before SUNDAY 24th September will get to enjoy our Dutch Weekend AND get a free pass to return and see the beauty of the tulips this year or any other year.


To encourage you to come now, for every ticket purchased who visits before Sunday 24th September you receive a free pass to return at a later date to see the full glory of the tulips (this year’s festival is open until 15th October).

Visiting this week you will see the start of the tulips blooming, lots of Daffodils, blossom trees and other spring blooms (see the photos on this post). There is live entertainment daily and delicious foods and market stalls on offer too. Our sculpture show looks amazing and we have some great new Dutch games to try out.

The free passes will be given out for a limited time only with this offer finishing Sunday 24th September.

Sometimes nature can get the better of us, despite our best laid plans, we apologise for any inconvenience.

Keep an eye on our website, FaceBook and Instagram for regular updates. We have extended the dates of the festival to allow you more time to see the tulips.

Tesselaar Tulip Festival
9am until 5pm daily
14th September until 15th October, 2017
The Tulip Farm, 357 Monbulk Rd, Silvan, Victoria

This years tulip festival